Peace Café: A café with a message


Peace Café is a new entrant to the Singapore vegetarian scene offering flavorsome, wholesome cuisine using premium quality ingredients. With a healthy diet being the first line of defense against chronic ill health, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of whole foods and a plant-based diet.

Located in the bustling Little India precinct, Peace Café caters to both vegan and vegetarian diners who are looking for a quick but healthy bite. It stands out amid the predominately Indian restaurants that offer vegetarian options in the area by catering to a variety of tastes with mostly international fare. In addition all its dishes are free of onion and garlic – which disturb emotional balance -, as well as MSG, artificial flavourings and preservatives. All cheeses are rennet-free with vegan options available as well.

Sandwiches, wraps, pizza and salads are on the menu along with speciality juices — just fruit, pure and simple, with no syrups or sugar added — and Nespresso coffee.

Its bright and modern interior seats 22 diners with all food available ‘to go’ as well.

The catchphrase ‘as is the food so is the mind’, also works in reverse. The pleasure and satisfaction of eating greatly depends on our state of mind. Good company, a congenial mood, feeling at ease and relaxed all contribute to a better dining experience and indeed good digestion. With that in mind the walls of Peace Café feature inspirational messages of peace and the café staff strive to prepare the food in a peaceful and happy mood and aim to share that vibe with the diners.

Drop by and check us out!


does not take

away tomorrow’s


it takes away today’s


Peace ~

is a journey

of a thousand miles

and it must be

taken one step

at a time.

be so full

of love & light ~

that nothing

can bother

your inner